Green Chalkidiki Olives are grown in peninsula of Chalkidiki in northern Greece. Chalkidiki olives are large-sized with a conical cylindrical shape ending in a nub. Due to their large size, they are commonly used for stuffing with complementary foods and get marinated with various spices. Chalkidiki olives are handpicked directly from the olive trees while they are still green in late September or early October. They treated with costic soda in order to avoid bitterness and keep their light green color without getting dark from oxidation.

They contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants contributing to immune defense.


Kalamata olives can be processed in a variety of ways and be presented in different forms.

Processing Whole Pitted SLICED Quarters Halved Diced Cut Stuffed
Natural (Black or Blond color) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Lemon, Orange, Garlic
Dried (Black color) Yes No No Yes No No No