Our Company.

Food Brokers with over 26 years of experience in the food industry, in GREAT we have managed to grow and establish ourselves as one of the leading food broking companies in the world, specialized in Mediterranean diet. The level of professionalism and expertise is depicted into our everyday operations. We provide our clients with the opportunity to outsource a number of their operations so that they can focus on their core business, saving time and money. Passionate about high quality food and excellent taste, we provide an extensive range of mouthwatering Mediterranean and International food products at competitive prices. We are proud on the long-term relationships we have managed to maintain throughout the years with important factories from all around the Mediterranean, such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco.

Additionaly, we are specialized to provide you with the best suppliers and prices for private labeling. For us, every customer as well as every producer is considered equally important. We perform continuous research on existing and new food global trends, analysis on market environment so as to provide the best consulting services to our partners. Along with our established position in the global food distribution network, we have solidified relationships with the leading and fastest growing food producers who have obtained certifications according to international quality standards such as ISO, BRC, IFS, KOSHER, HALAL. Finally, in GREAT we are focused on mutual sustainable growth while we remain loyal to our values of Quality, Honesty, Transparency, Flexibility, Effectiveness and Positive Attitude!

Our Values

  • Meraki

The Greek word “Meraki” is what best describes the company, meaning that “we love what we do” in connection with our Passion on good taste and good quality food.

  • Quality

We consider quality as vitally important, therefore we are committed to provide you products of excellent quality at competitive price.

  • Honesty, Transparency and Trust

It is in our strong belief, that a good and long term collaboration begins and grows with transparency, honesty and mutual trust between all parties. Never lie to your partner as “in order to remember a lie it is as difficult to remember 1000 truths”.

  • Flexibility

Our operations are highly flexible and can adapt depending on the needs of your business, ensuring that they are satisfied in the most effective way.

  • Innovation

One of our key strengths is our growth mindset. We love to introduce new ideas, products, materials, technologies and generally new ways of doing things for the sake of our stakeholders.

Our Unique Services

Save you time and money
We organize your Orders & Payment course tracking ensuring a smooth transaction between customers and factories
Groupaze shipment with NO extra cost
We organize shipment of mixed containers, that entails products from different factories within a country at the lowest possibly or in some cases at zero cost
Secure your annual needs at fixed price with NO prepayment
We can book your yearly needs at agreed price, securing NO market price fluctuations without prepayment
Up-to-date international and local market overview
We constantly provide the latest information about market environment, evolution, pricing and food trends aiming to help you stay ahead of competition
New product & brand introduction
We constantly search and introduce new products and brand opportunities