Green Olive

The Kalamata Olives is the most well known, high quality, award-winning Greek olive variety globally. It has conical-cylindrical shape and is grown on Peloponnese County in southern Greece, taken its name from the city of Kalamata. Kalamata olives mature naturally on trees where farmers pick the fruit by hand once they reach a deep brownish black to dark purple colour. Collecting the olives in full maturity stage is essential to deliver an exceptional rich, smoky, fruity flavor as well as meaty, crunchy texture.

Kalamata olives is a source of high nutritional value as it contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Owing to its antioxidant properties, latest studies has shown its beneficial contribution to heart health.


Kalamata olives can be processed in a variety of ways and be presented in different forms.

Processing Whole Pitted SLICED Quarters Halved Diced Cut Stuffed
Natural (Black or Blond color) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Lemon, Orange, Garlic
Dried (Black color) Yes No No Yes No No No